How I Got a Link from CNET (Link Building Outreach Strategy using Twitter)


Hope you are having a good week.

I just wanted to share a strategy called Blogger and Social Outreach Strategy. It’s another form of Relationship Building for links but you are not going to offer article like Guest Post. This strategy is more on real engagement.

Unlike Guest Posting where you send emails, this one uses Social Media to interact with the webmaster, blogger or writer. The strategy starts from searching of blogs or news related to your service or product.  Once you find some related blog post, you will now going to get their social profiles like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Connect and engage with them. Take a look at my sample below, this writer is from a well know site CNET:

The article is about Smartphone and since is related to it, I get the writer’s social profile and engage with her.

Note: You must not ask for links early. Try to connect first.

Then after my 1st tweet, I send a follow up tweet suggesting the website.

Inline image 3

She responded with these:

After my conversation, she added the link to the article:

Inline image 5

Check the article here:

As you can see below, it’s not just about getting a Link from Authoritative site, but also getting Traffic/Visits out of it.

Inline image 1

Just recently, I got another link from this article:

This is the importance of Social media nowadays, and it brings a lot of opportunities for us SEOs to get or build links in other ways.

The approval rate is not the high but this is something that will benefit the site in the long run. Try to connect with the Blogger/Writer and Build Relationships.

SEO especially Link Building evolves significantly in the past years. and SEO is moving towards Relationship Building, Inbound Marketing, Social Media and real Brand Marketing.

Hope it helps 🙂


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